Why We Use the Accelerated Reader Program

Reading comprehension is critically important to ensure ongoing success in school and during adulthood. When students have well-developed reading comprehension, it’s easier and faster for them to learn new concepts and subjects. According to Research.com, Florida K-12 schools have 3.38 million enrolled students. Our Christian school uses an accelerated reading program that has proven to be successful in helping students learn to read at their own accelerated pace. Here’s how it works.

Students Choose Reading Material

The best way to accelerate a child’s reading ability and comprehension is to let that child read materials that truly interest them. Instead of making an entire class read the same work, students get to choose what they want to read from more than 220,000 titles. The books are age-appropriate and completely acceptable by school standards. More importantly, they are fun for the students to read because they are the ones who picked them based on their personal interests.

Read the Material Anywhere

Once students select particular works to read, they can read them anywhere so long as they complete them in a reasonable amount of time. They can read in the classroom during allotted reading times, or they could read them while at home or anywhere else. The goal is to encourage reading and cultivate a desire to continue reading for enjoyment and the pursuit of knowledge. Students can ask for help from teachers, adults at home, or anyone else to enhance their understanding of the material.

Complete Quizzes and Analyze Progress

Once the work is completed, students must complete short quizzes that confirm they have read the books in their entirety. The quizzes also help determine the level of comprehension as determined by their responses. Teachers can gain insights from the results and develop personalized lesson plans for individuals. The lesson plans take into account each student’s reading ability and general progress over time and help to accelerate that improvement. The teacher and student establish goals, and the teacher monitors the student’s progress toward attaining those goals while providing any necessary help.

You can call or visit our academy to learn more about our accelerated reading program and other great educational tools that help young students succeed in school and life. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us today!