• Foreign languages programs: Spanish, French & Italian


    Students at Key Point Christian Academy participate in Spanish language classes and are given the option of Italian or French language instruction as well. Even the youngest children are introduced to the languages through enjoyable and interactive games and activities. Lessons focus on the various cultures and children are encouraged to work together on extended projects. The language curriculum includes games, literature and an exploration of customs and celebrations. Foreign language classes are designed to introduce basic vocabulary, and a multicultural approach to the speaking world. Children learn languages while having fun by listening to music, playing a variety of traditional games, as well as engaging in movement and dance activities, videos, and practical conversation.

  • Art provides children with a natural way to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas


    Key Point Christian Academy's art program encourages children to express themselves through various materials. Art theory and technique is introduced to the students through means of exploration and discovery, building a foundation for artistic expression and aesthetic awareness. Special cultural studies throughout the year expand the children's knowledge of not only traditional art forms from around the world, but the history of Art as a whole. Art provides children with a natural way to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas as well as a way to develop an understanding and appreciation of the artistic process. Key Point Christian Academy's Music program aims to cultivate a love and appreciation for music in children. By hearing, singing, reading and writing music, students become musically literate and discover the joy of making music. Students learn to read music through the do-re-mi system and learn tonal memory through a hand-sign system that provides visuals for different pitches. Music repertoire is drawn from cultures around the world. Students perform a variety of children’s songs and chants, from nursery songs to folk and art music, learning music that is accessible and enjoyable.

  • Our physical education program strives to teach the basic principles of health, physical fitness, nutrition and safety

    Physical Education

    Key Point Christian Academy's physical education program strives to teach the basic principles of health, physical fitness, nutrition and safety within curricular and extra-curricular programs. We support the children in developing fitness and health awareness by the following: - Fostering positive attitudes among the students toward competition and sportsmanship - Encouraging students to participate in extra-curricular activities like the afterschool sports program - Emphasizing the importance of developing good eating habits through health and nutrition - Supporting students to appreciate and maintain a safe, healthy, and clean environment - Providing physical education classes, which guide students to develop fitness, coordination and basic motor skills - Providing limited health screening and making referrals when physical problems are observed - Fostering school spirit

  • SMART Boards, laptops, projectors and iPads enhance classroom learning


    Our STEAM program engages in project-based learning. Through our participation in numerous competitions, we are able to showcase our students' understanding of real-world issues that exist today. Students develop strong critical thinking skills and are able to showcase their imagination by using their gained knowledge from other subjects and using them in the learning process during the STEAM. Along with their understanding of their core subject materials, students learn how to create code using algorithms and programming language and use our incredible lab with state-of-the-art 3D printing, iMacs, robots, and tools that allow them to put their imagination into action. We blend many of our subjects with innovation, through actions. As early as Pre-Kindergarten, technology is an important part of our education and this focus continues on and expands through 8th grade. SMART Boards, laptops, projectors, and iPads enhance classroom learning, while a progressive technology curriculum allows students to express themselves while developing critical skills. Technology skills are applied in the context of subject-matter learning, enabling students to acquire technology skills while they focus on their work. By the time they have completed 8th Grade, our students learn how to use technology to acquire, organize, evaluate and present information. At the same time, students gain essential skills for independent learning.

  • It is important to develop the whole child: in mind, body, and spirit


    Key Point Christian Academy in conjunction with First Presbyterian Church of Miami provides a Spiritual Learning course for children of all ages. It is important to develop the whole child: in mind, body, and spirit. The key in this program is learning to love God and learning to love others. This is accomplished through chapel services, reading the Bible, and lessons in understanding how God can make a difference in our lives. This program is designed to make learning about God a memorable experience that students will cherish for the rest of their lives.

  • Creating a warm and healthy school environment.


    Key Point Christian Academy’s mindfulness program builds and sustains mindfulness in our open mind classes through diverse and recurrent practices. We bring awareness to students to create an inclusive, non-judgmental, safe, and curious learning environment for them to thrive. The program reinforces social-emotional core competencies, providing students with the tools they need to achieve necessary life skills, such as self-regulation, interpersonal skills, and responsible decision making. The different lessons taught connect students’ inner and outer experiences and help them see the congruence between the two.