What toddler activities and skills will my child learn in private preschool? 

Private schools continue to increase in popularity because they are well-known for encouraging academic success. According to CAPE, there are more than 30,000 private schools nationwide. This number includes private preschools as well.  Toddlers learn vital lessons through activities when they spend a day at a private preschool, let’s look at which ones they participate in. 


Children learn the foundation for mathematical lessons later through multiple toddler activities. Children will learn how to count, laying the essential foundation for math. Playing with shape-sorting toys helps enhance cognitive development, too, as learning shapes is an early introduction to geometry.

Early Writing and Drawing

Students at a private preschool may look like they are scribbling on paper, but toddler activities like this are crucial for later success. Children will learn how to hold pencils and crayons. Drawing encourages hand-eye coordination; many children will develop the skills necessary to write when they are older.

Early Literacy

Private preschools incorporate various daily activities to help children learn about literacy early on. This may include fun rhyming games to teach children about letter sounds. Preschool often has storytime to help little ones develop a love for reading that can last a lifetime.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a valuable skill that children will need for reading, comprehension, math, and more. Teachers at private schools understand this and use various activities to help enhance this skill. Children are encouraged to help problem solve. Working with puzzles and other toys that encourage critical thinking is always enabled. 


Students need to develop personal responsibility when they are older. This helps them accept responsibility for their actions. Responsible children find it easier to follow the rules and take responsibility for their actions, such as hanging up their coats and book bags. Developing responsibility will ensure that children have the foundation necessary for academic success.


Children enrolled in private preschools can socialize with children daily. They learn to resolve conflicts and how to share with other children. Socializing daily helps enhance social skills to ensure children can work together when they are older.

Private preschools include various toddler activities and lessons to ensure your child has the foundation they need for academic and social success later. Private schools focus on responsibility and character development, too. Contact Key Point Christian Academy to learn more about our curriculum.