How Private Middle Schools Balance Learning with and Without Screens

Is your middle schooler spending too much time on a screen? With so many gadgets, from mobile phones to video games, it can be hard to pull your child away from one. It may be time for a change that the best private middle school can bring. The right institution strives to balance your child’s learning so they’re engaged with and without screens throughout their day. Keep reading to learn more.

Learn How the World Works

At a private middle school, your child will understand appropriate screen time, as iPads and laptops can be a tool to enhance learning, such as looking up data. STEM courses allow your child to experiment with science through lab work, nature field trips, and research. Kids may be involved with robotics, building prototypes, math, and learning the basics of computer science. Screens are used to complement other types of research to understand how the world works.

Communicate Beyond Borders

A private middle school encourages communicating on a global level. For example, foreign language development is a big part of the curriculum. This early exposure to languages can spark their curiosity, and they may be able to learn more than one. While screens are utilized in foreign language classrooms to aid in learning, students are encouraged to practice speaking aloud and writing on paper, too.

Operate Within a Team

Socialization is important for childhood development. Cooperating with children, making eye contact, and communicating are essential skills to build while young. A private school education ensures children are given the chance to practice these skills. While screens may play a role in some learning environments, students are encouraged to collaborate, like by building a robot together, role-playing in a language learning class, or playing a game during gym class.

According to Private School Review, 2,500 private schools are operating in the United States. However, if you’re in the Brickell area, you don’t have to look far for an excellent private middle school for your child. Here at Key Point Academy Brickell, we’re proud to serve the local community by providing an excellent education for children. We understand the value of balancing the use of technology with other forms of learning. Contact us today to learn more about our institution!