How Is Mindfulness Practiced in a Christian Academy?

Faith-based academic structures, like those found at Christian academies, integrate the positives of mindfulness in many facets. These institutions understand that teaching students to be present has significant benefits for their health, well-being, and academics. Mindfulness encourages self-awareness, improves self-regulation, and encourages community involvement. Here is a quick rundown about how preschoolers to middle schoolers are taught the importance of awareness for themselves and their peers.

Mindful, Personalized Teachings

Key Point Christian Academy understands that each child learns at a different pace. That is why our teachers ensure that instruction is catered to individual students. As a result, personalized teaching fosters a mindful environment for each student. Our accelerated reading and math program, as well as our option of individualized private instruction, exemplifies how an awareness of students’ strengths and needs is core to our Christian academy.

Put Into Action

Developing a student’s tendency to be mindful of others is a high priority for any high-quality Christian academy. According to a recent NCES study, private Christian pupils are significantly more involved with community service compared to public school students. An academic program that instills community-based values in students is vital to their level of mindfulness, focus on helping others, and understanding what it means to put their awareness of others into action. Families would benefit from asking the staff and educators at their local private middle schools to find out how they are helping students lead more mindful lives.

Students Gain Life-Long Skills

Students who learn to show compassion to themselves have an easier time extending compassion to others. Mindfulness practices teach students techniques that help them understand their own academic goals, interests, and developmental achievements. Institutions can support students in reducing self-criticism for greater confidence and self-understanding. Students discover that they have the power to guide their inner experience, which is a lesson that serves them now and well beyond their formal schooling.

The mindfulness teachings being integrated into top-tier faith-based institutions fundamentally develop each young learner as they progress further in life. If you are looking for local private middle schools for your child, plan a tour of our beautiful campus. Key Point Christian Academy looks forward to speaking with you and providing you with more information about our comprehensive, supportive curriculum!