How Do Private Pre-K 3 Programs Benefit Young Students? 

Private schools remain at the forefront of our education system as they help children succeed academically. According to School & Student Services, a recent survey of the average ACT scores for high school students discovered that students who received a private education scored an average of 24.2 out of 36, compared to 20.3 for students in public schools and 22.9 for homeschooled students. This begins with private early childhood programs.

Academic Foundation

Private school programs emphasize the importance of academics from an early age. Activities like story time and playing games encourage early literacy. Reading remains an essential building block for a solid academic foundation. Drawing encourages the development of fine motor skills. Learning about the arts promotes cognitive development. These things and more lay the foundation children need for academic success.

Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools are known for their small class sizes, including early childhood programs. Small class sizes ensure teachers can give children the individualized attention they need to thrive in an academic environment. Children will receive the additional help they need to succeed in complicated subjects. Individual attention lets teachers spot things like learning difficulties early to ensure students receive the necessary assistance.

Social Development

Private schools understand that school is more than learning math facts. Students receive ample time to socialize with each other to develop the social skills necessary to help them work well with others in the future. This encourages positive leadership skills and collaboration. Children often work on projects together to further encourage teamwork. Teachers work individually with students to resolve disputes, helping students learn valuable conflict-resolution skills.

Parental Involvement

Private schools are well-known for encouraging parent participation. Schools usually do this because they understand the importance of the school staff and parents working together to ensure a positive future for their children. Parents will be encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and at the school. Teachers frequently communicate with parents to ensure they are involved in their child’s education. Parental involvement shows children how important their education is.

Our early childhood programs focus on helping children learn the skills they need today to encourage academic success tomorrow. Children enjoy learning about the arts, and we encourage early literacy activities. Contact Key Point Christian Academy today to learn more about our curriculum.