5 Skills Children Develop in a Pre K-2 Program

Every year, millions of children attend a Pre K 2 program. These students work with other children and instructors to learn today’s skills to help them succeed tomorrow. There are several benefits to enrolling your child in one of these programs. Keep reading to learn more before you decide to enroll your child.

1. Better Attendance

According to Education Week, typical kids who attended preschool missed 1.5 fewer days yearly than those who didn’t. These students have already learned the general routine of heading to school, resulting in fewer meltdowns. Furthermore, the curriculum of an excellent Pre K 2 program keeps students consistently engaged with their creative interests, motivating them to look forward to each day.

2. Following Directions

Children who spend most of the day with their parents often struggle when it’s time to be left with other adults. This anxiety can present itself in various behavioral problems, including not following directions. Students already used to attending school will find it easier to follow directions and work with a teacher.

3. Great Social Skills

Children who attend earlier education learn valuable social skills. These skills lay the foundation for them to enjoy lifelong friendships. Students learn how to play well with other children and begin to learn conflict-resolution skills. Instructors work with children to solve conflicts to help them learn how to communicate effectively.

4. Emotional Regulation

It’s common for young children to struggle with emotional regulation. That’s why we, as parents, see so many temper tantrums in small children. Children don’t know how to manage their intense emotions yet, but that’s one of the areas a Pre K 2 program can help with. Instructors will work with children to help them learn emotional regulation so they can understand their emotions.

5. Critical Thinking Skills

Children develop the critical thinking skills necessary to become academically successful. As children ask questions due to curiosity, they learn more things. They’ll learn how to think problems through as they learn conflict resolution and emotional regulation skills. Young students also help solve problems, further enhancing their cognitive development.

A Pre K 2 program helps children lay the healthy foundation and love for learning they need to succeed. Children learn early literary and communication skills, as well as additional key skills needed to enhance their cognitive development. Contact Key Point Christian Academy today to learn more about our excellent program.