4 Fun Activities for Toddlers That Offer Enrichment Outside the Classroom

activities for toddlers

Private schools offer ample opportunities for students to learn and develop.  However, enrichment starts long before children head to school. In fact, according to UNICEF, 80% of a human brain’s structure develops before age three. Plenty of activities for toddlers offer the enrichment their young minds need to foster a love for learning and healthy development. Let’s review four of them below!

1. Going on Field Trips

Field trips aren’t just for students. Toddlers will love spending a day at the zoo learning about animals and their habitats. Children’s museums offer interactive exhibits that encourage young minds to delve deep into the world of science. Art museums help children learn about the various types of art, from paintings to sculptures. Heading to a local park is another excellent idea, as the outdoors is full of exciting sights and sounds.

2. Engaging in Sensory Play

Sensory play is essential for toddlers because it helps them learn to explore the world around them through sight, smell, touch, and more. Some fun ideas include making homemade play dough for your children to play with and creating a sand and water table in the backyard for more exciting enjoyment. Fingerpaints are another great activity! Take the time to make some DIY sensory bags by filling Ziploc bags with water or gel and beads.

3. Enjoying the Arts

You don’t have to head to the museum to enjoy the arts! Create a DIY art station for your toddlers at home, keeping them busy for hours. Stock your art station with various art supplies including stamps, markers, crayons, child-safe scissors, and construction paper. Head to a local crafts store to stock up on googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and other fun art supplies. Let your little one explore materials and create what they want!

4. Making New Music

Toddlers love music and dancing, making this one of the best activities for toddlers. Pick up musical instruments and have fun creating sounds. Take this a step further by watching videos about different cultures and the music they play, and then try to make your music match. Children will love being creative, learning new sounds, and dancing.

Enrichment activities for toddlers aren’t limited to the classroom. Let your little ones explore the world around them to help them learn. When you’re ready to send your child to a top private school, call Key Point Academy Brickell to schedule a tour.