Our Curriculum

Key Point Christian Academy at First Miami Presbyterian Church offers a modern and strategic approach to education at every level.

Our early childhood education program utilizes the Mother Goose Time (MGT), a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports social, physical, and intellectual development. Furthermore, we encourage the development of positive character traits through the highly accredited character strength program, “Cloud9World”.

In addition, KPCA has created a custom-designed cross-curricular program titled “KPA Bright Bambini” to best serve our preschool students. This program includes emotional, physical, cognitive, and linguistic learning development. KPA Bright Bambini integrates our core curriculum like math, language arts, etc. to better prepare our students for Kindergarten.

At Key Point, our K-8 academic program has been structured around a high-quality curriculum that offers engaging, personalized, and real-world learning experiences. Our core curriculum is taught with the next-generation learning company Savvas. This program is fully integrative, aligned to standards, and delivered on the industry’s most versatile learning management system Savvas Realize.

Key Point Christian Academy is sensitive to each child’s pace of learning. Consequently, we offer in-school ESL and ESE classes. Additionally, we offer our students a motivating accelerated math and reading program, and the option of individualized academic attention with private instruction through our “Excelling Program.”

Key Point utilizes MAP Growth, the most trusted and innovative assessment for measuring achievement and growth in K–12 math, reading, language usage, and science. Reliable insights make it simple for teachers to plan for differentiated instruction, develop interventions for struggling students, and see what students are ready to learn next.